Goverment Assistance

You can find assistance to help pay your utility bills, help with medical bills, health care costs, rent, food assistance programs, credit card debt, and many other government assistance programs. So why are there people who seem to think that helping people is so wrong?

There are many people today that think government assistance is the problem with our nation. People believe that if we cut these programs then the ones that need the help will not be so dependent on the government and will be forced to earn money on their own. They also think that their tax dollars should be spent on more important things such as War.

These programs that help the less fortunate, does allow growth. People who receive them are put a step ahead to improve their life and better themselves. I know a few young ladies who are full time mothers, students, and workers who get food stamps or childcare services. Once they are in a better position to provide every necessity needed for their child and themselves, then they should end all assistance.

I know now a days everyone believes that people who are dependent on the government are trying to get over. That might be true for some but not all, you cant just cut programs because you believe its only wasting tax dollars, because there are many other funded programs that might not be as important then helping the poor.