Unmarked Police Cars

I have heard plenty of people’s experiences with unmarked police cars, some where actual cops were involved and some that were not. Recently in Bartlett, a few blocks away from my house, there was a Bartlett High School male that was driving down Yale Rd when a unmarked dodge charger used a loud speaker to ask the young man to pull over, “or I will call for backup”. He pulled over but did not roll down the window. Instead he asked the “officer” if he could see his badge. When the “officer” would not do so the driver drove away and call in his experience. It turns out that this man was not a officer, just a man that was probably looking to do harm. This story of this high school student was a close call that recently happened. There have been other times when the driver was not aware of the situation and actual harm was caused. I believe unmarked police cars are a real problem because many people feel obligated to pull over even though the car is not marked because they are thinking, “I should pull over just in case because I do not want to be in trouble for running from police.” I also believe that there should be a better system for this problem instead of just “spreading awareness”.

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