Crime and Education

Most mornings I wake up and turn on the news just to see what’s going on in the community, the world, and to see what the weather will be like. Monday morning, as I sat in my living room to watch the news, there were at least 6 crimes over the weekend.  Crimes such as stabbing, shooting, and robbing all in the city of Memphis. Many people believe that crimes in Memphis only happen in poverty stricken areas. However, we are seeing crimes in the “better areas” of Memphis as well. Memphis is one of the main distribution cities in the United States. Within the past few years we’ve had companies to shut down their doors and move to different cities, some even moved to other countries. Many people lost jobs, homes, and family ties where broken. These things hurt the economy. More people are being robbed, homes are being broken into, more drug dealers on the street, people are being murdered, gangs are on the rise, and as a community what do we do? Do we just leave our community? We are seeing people move out of Memphis. We are hearing people are afraid to come to our city. The FBI reported Memphis as being the third city in the United States with the highest crime rate in 2015. So, I ask again, what do we do as a community. I believe the first thing we should do as a community is invest in our education system. Parents, who are victims of poverty, need to be reiterated on how important their child/ children education is.  It is a proven fact that when a community invest in education everyone wins. We can began to see the community prosper in so many ways.

151 thoughts on “Crime and Education

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