school systems and no child left behind

would like to take the time to elaborate on how this “no child left behind”  thing has worsened our children and their education. I feel that although when this may have been formed with good intensions, this has really done great harm to our schools. This act is allowing teachers to pass children to the next grades even if they aren’t ready to pass. I feel that all students learn at different levels and if they need extra help then that should be offered and available to them. instead we are dumbing them down by making everything so easy to them. write your name and you will pass, not acceptable at all. With child development being my major, this really bothers me to see our children not learning anything and going through school not even try to focus on education and what’s going to happen after high school. We can fix this, is this important to you?

150 thoughts on “school systems and no child left behind

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