A Service of Commemoration and Remembrance

freedon chapel-MM 1866

Memphis Theological Seminary and Freedom’s Chapel Disciple of Christ Church will hold a free staged reading commemorating the victims and survivors of the Memphis Massacre on Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 9:00am.

In the wake of the civil war, a massacre broke out in Memphis–almost 50 lives were lost, hundreds were injured, and entire neighborhoods were consumed by fire. Though the massacre in Memphis was national news in 1866, the individuals who perished have largely been lost to history. Memphis Theological Seminary and Freedom’s Chapel Christian Church invite you to join them for a cathartic opportunity to reflect on the riots, give voice to those who’ve been silenced, and rejoice that–even in the darkest times–our hope is never lost.

For more information please call 901-458-8232.

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