#BlackTruthMatters: A Conversation on Race

memphis massacre-2“How do you get past race if you don’t even want to admit that something happened?”-by Andre E. Johnson

On Thursday February 25, 2016, I had an opportunity to do the Talk, Memphis Podcast with David Waters of the Memphis Commercial Appeal.  In our discussion, not only did we talk about the Rhetoric Race and Religion blog, we also examined the intersection of rhetoric race and religion. I argued that rhetoric (language) matters and how we use language helps us to understand not only race and religion, but how those terms function in society. After spending time on this, we then shifted to a discussion on Black Truth and Testimony and the 1866 Memphis Massacre. This is where I argued that if we are to move forward with any understanding on race, we must start accepting Black Truth and testimony as valid sources of information.

Listen to the podcast here

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