Activities In Mesa AZ

Everyone wants to get away from their work and daily hustle to escape to a beautiful destination to relax. The southern states of the U.S. are extremely popular as the weather dips into lower degrees in the north towards the end of the year. Mesa, Arizona is one of the best locations in the country to getaway at as it boasts creative night life for young visitors, jaw dropping natural beauty, and inviting weather to match. Any tourist who wants to visit Mesa AZ just needs to grab a car, their favorite pals, and suitcase with room to bring back souvenirs in as the tourist spot has endless things to do. Let’s walk through the hottest tourist spots to visit when you plan a visit to the beautiful city of Mesa.

Best Things To Do IN Mesa AZ 

Some of the best things to do in Mesa are indoors within upbeat museum spots and outdoors in picturesque state parks. People from all over the country are flocking to the city to soak in the experiences that leave a mark on their memories for a lifetime The most popular spots to post your next Instagram story while in Mesa include:

  • Hiking along carved dirt paths of the Apache Trail. From Mesa, take U.S. 60 east and exit at Idaho Road. From there, travel north to connect with Highway 88 to arrive at the famous grounds just outside of the popular Phoenix-Mesa metro area. The trail was given its unique name as it closely follows the exact footsteps that Native Americans and hopeful travelers trekked over one hundred years ago in the West. The trail features miles of spectacular desert wilderness and animals that are unique to the dry landscape. The beauty of the area is characterized by red volcanic cliffs climbing over 2,000 feet high, rivers of icy blue waters that roar through down the highest peaks, and artifacts scattered around hidden areas for hikers to discover themselves. Tourists who enjoy learning about the history of the trail can visit the Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum which puts the Native American artifacts and folklore of the cliffs on display. Make sure you grab a backpack with enough thirst quenching drinks and belly filling snacks to fuel your outdoor workout. These trails can take hours to cross and being prepare will set you up for a perfect day in the sun!
  • One of the best things to do in Mesa AZ if you have a family with young kids includes visiting the Dolly Steamboat. The gentle steamboat ride treks down the river that cuts through the Mesa area and provides a breathtaking getaway from the urban life of the city. The cruise itself has full seating and standing room and lasts for over one and half hours. The boat will be controlled by a friendly captain who will share interesting facts about the historic Apache Trail, Canyon Lake, and the local legend of Lost Dutchman’s gold along the ride. If you are going with a large group, consider buying group tickets ahead of time so you can save and enjoy your company. You won’t regret climbing aboard the ship!
  • Another one of the best places to visit in Mesa AZ includes going to the Arizona Museum of Natural History. This gigantic museum features models and exhibits that are considered best in the whole state of Arizona. It includes the largest dinosaur exhibit in the western region of the country including a life sized saber-tooth cat, a Columbian Mammoth, animated T-Rex robots, and environments recreating the Earth before the great meteorite of extinction. Children who love going to aquariums will enjoy seeing ancient breeds of fish and turtles who have kept their form for over sixty million years. The best part about this site is that it is air conditioned and is a nice break from the heat outdoors. You can even grab lunch at the museum cafe so you can enjoy the views without leaving and coming back. Make this museum at the top of your bucket list!
  • If you are going to Mesa AZ with a significant other, visiting the Commemorative Air Force Airbase is an amazing experience. The airbase with located within a historic landmark and captures the time period of the early 1900s. Anyone who loves learning and experiencing aircraft and American history will become obsessed with all it has to offer. The facility has 55,000 square-feet of historic war-time aircraft, cutting edge exhibits, interactive videos, extremely rate WWII artifacts, and memorabilia from the time period. Coupes can even request to experience what it feels like to ride in the Bombardier seat of an actual World War II airplane in combat. Talk about a chance of a lifetime!

Planning Your Trip

No matter how old you are, going to Mesa AZ is a set up for having a trip to remember. The city is nestled in the beautiful bedrock of Arizona and boasts natural landscape that will make anyone in your social circle jealous. People who love doing outdoors activities like hiking, rafting, and cycling have plenty of options as the city has hundreds of trails just outside of the outskirts. These trials are safe and well planned so the scenery is consistently exciting. Those who like to visit historic museums or climb aboard thrilling steamboats have many options as well. Mesa is a city that is developing extremely quickly and attracts thousands of new tourists every year for these activities. Next time you are planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or even an escape for yourself be sure to check out all the amazing things to see in Mesa AZ!

Check out all the great things to do in Mesa, AZ.

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