What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

Gone are the days of waiting in long lines for the doctor, getting a pill prescription and praying to the gods for healing in your body to begin. No longer are we confined to the option of using medicines to cover up our symptoms that cause side effects and don’t truly heal our root causes of sickness. If you feel like you’re over using traditional pills and syrups to solve mental and physical problems you’re facing, turning to holistic medicine may be the right choice for you. Naturopathic medicine is one of the most sought out forms of holistic medicine as it helps heal our body, mind and spirit at the same time. It relies on the foundational belief that nature and trusting our bodies leads to long term self-love and healing. More specifically, naturopathic beliefs focus on treating the individual, not simply the disease or diagnosis that is causing problems in their body. This means that a person is treated encouraged through various therapy and natural self-improvement sessions to seek restoring peace, balance, and overall nature healing from the body itself.

Centuries of science have seen patients find true success in the method and there’s no sign of stopping it. More holistic and naturopathic medicine providers are sprouting in communities around the country. Let’s walk through the key things to understand about how naturopathic medicine works for patients before jumping into it for healing ourselves.

Naturopathic medicine encompasses our lifestyles, diet, exercise, and spirituality.


Pros Of Naturopathic Medicine 

Since naturopathy has been brought to the United States, many patients opted for the customized and natural approach it takes for sustainable healing. Some benefits to the body, mind and spirit include:

  • Naturopathic medicine is created just for you. The method itself has been around for centuries but each plan is customized for each patient. Everyone will meet with their assigned doctor to talk about their medical family background, what symptoms or disorders they have experienced in the past, and discuss their current physical and mental health. After doing important testing, the doctor creates a plan involving naturopathic medicine that can include diet lessons, exercise classes, aromatherapy, massage therapy, music courses, group breakout sessions, and time spent with a counselor. These options are based on what disorder or issue the patient is coming to the doctor for. If the patient isn’t happy with their plan, they can go back to their provider and request feedback for changes to be made. No patient is left stranded and is forced to adhere to the plan if there is a problem. They are also usually able to get in contact with other patients who are going through the same program if they are under the same healing facility. These bonds become strong over time as they can share advice and experiences from their therapy sessions together.
  • Naturopathic medicine is provided by a variety of providers. Even patients who are in need of a “tune up” in their bodies are welcome to use the method for treatment. Patients who are experiencing more minor problems in their digestion, energy levels, allergies, feelings of pain, typically will stay in treatment programs for less time than ones with more serious disorders. While some providers have studied the therapy method for years, they may have not attended medical school. Other practitioners however may include medical doctors or nurses who attended school and studied naturopathic medicine courses for a period of time. Take your time to look for providers who specialize in your issues or age group so you’re getting the most customized help for your needs. Some doctors are even labeled as “naturopathic” and may provide their own practice independently. All cases are still effective so it’s up to you to decide what you trust most and who has provided the best experiences for past patients near you.
  • Naturopathic medicine can be used alongside traditional medicine. If you have a allergy, cold, or a more serious illness that needs treatment during your naturopathic healing you are still permitted to take medication for those issues. Since naturopathic remedies are known to aid the side effects of chemotherapy and other intrusive treatments for cancer, patients are not confined to being on one side or another. With a physician’s care they can carefully balance holistic and traditional medicine to find the best solution for their needs. The holistic practitioner and personal doctors can work together in sessions to plan what prescriptions or therapy frequencies will best help the patient over time.

Choose Naturopathic Medicine 

Long term healing is most accomplished when you find a plan, an environment and an accountability strategy to keep you going. Anyone can start a treatment plan that includes naturopathic medicine but not everyone will stick to the plan until the end. Any patient who is interested should do their research at home on who is a trusted provider in their area. They should be reading reviews from past patients, overall market trends to know who is credible and check what their health insurance plan covers as well. Having affordable plans is one of the foundational factors to get started without fearing huge fees in the bank. For someone longing to feel healed, stronger and energetic from the inside naturopathic medicine is a great choice.

The greatest takeaway from the treatment type is that it doesn’t rely on pills or syrups to target symptoms happening in your body. Instead, it targets the root cause and helps thousands of patients to feel more mentally balanced, create relaxation in their body, and feel more “themselves” again after months of disturbances. Start your naturopathic medicine program once you find a provider that fits your needs and you won’t regret your decision!

Naturopathic medicine is for everyone.

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