Used cars under $15k

Some people prefer buying used cars so they can save money, keep their costs down and go on the road throughout the day with less stress about a crash. Thousands of different used cars are on the market today for sale. The key to finding a great car is to make sure that it is coming from a reliable owner, has a clean title, and is up to date with the features you want. Most importantly, you want to make sure the history of the car is clean and isn’t hiding unknown fixes that would cause worry. Brands like Honda, Toyota, and Chevy all proved great deals from used car dealerships and last for several years even after the sale. Let’s walk through some of the best reasons why you should consider used cars under $15k to buy when you want to stay on a budget.

Buy your dream used car.

Cars To Focus On

With the amount of cars on the market it’s hard to focus on what particular brand or model suits you bests. Some people swear by driving Mercedes for the aesthetic appeal with others like Volkswagen for the safety features that pass road tests consistently every year. Sometimes price is the only priority for buyers which allows for more flexibility in picking a car that suits their personal needs. Some of the best benefits from buying a used car under $15k include:

  • You save on depreciation of the car. The top reason why a used car under $15k can be better deal than a new one a lot of money is saved. Some top of the line cars can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands dollars, while the same used versions can be around half the manufacturer price. Wait a few more years the same model will be marked down heavily and many more varieties will be available to try out at a discount. If you’re a fan of buying luxury branded cars going used is a great option so you’re not breaking the bank. Many newer models can drop by tens of thousands of dollars each year if you watch closely. Every car’s value goes down in thousands of dollars regardless of brand overall so it’s an important concept to keep in mind. A 2015 model BMW might not sound so outdated after all once you weigh the cost benefits to buying a new one outright.
  • Model related issues are smoothed out. One of the good reasons why buying a used car is a good idea is that many first year models come with unforeseen issues. For example, the brand new Honda Civic in 2016 came with a variety of operational and electronic issues that had users angry and stressed. In order to avoid dealing with issues that the manufacturer needs to fix, buy cars that are already pre-owned and a few years old. You’ll know what to look out for ahead of time because they are thoroughly documented by former reviewers. Some people may even have YouTube reviews and other articles about the car as it grows in age and more people become experienced in managing it.
  • You have a wider variety of models to choose from. When you buy brand new cars, you’re usually limited to the year’s latest model and what is to offer at the time. With used cars under $15k price, you have a higher chance of finding a model that provides features that are exactly what you want. You may even find models from brands like Honda or Toyota with great sports features and upgrades that the previous owner installed. Buying a used car opens the options so the choices are nearly endless. Try to look at what you prefer before walking into a dealerships and aimlessly wandering around!
  • You will save on car insurance. Insurance is usually more expensive with new cars and can even go up if the model is luxury. For example, the insurance costs between a Maserati and a Honda Civic will be thousands of dollars in difference. Make sure you do your homework and know what “gap insurance” in case the car gets in an extremely bad accident. In the event that the car gets totaled, you’ll want to make sure your rates will cover replacements and the sales tax for buying a new vehicle as well. Talk to your personal insurance provider to get the details straight before it’s too late.
  • You benefit from CPO warranties compared to new car programs. Sometimes the warranties that come with a brand new car can rip customers off without even realizing what they signed up for. Certified pre-owned programs have changed the industry and makes buying a car extremely used friendly. You will get a warranty for the car, a service guide, and peace of mind as your drive off from the used car dealership. You’ll have the advantages of saving money and resting assured that your vehicle will be properly maintained as it continues to age throughout the years.

Buying Your Dream Car 

Getting a new car doesn’t have to complicated or break the bank. Owning a new car is great, but I still highly recommend buying a used one under $15k so you’re saving money for more important matters in life. You want to focus on getting a great deal from a used car dealership so you benefit from warranties, an affordable rate, a variety of model choices, and peace of mind overall. If you’re worried about the trustworthiness of the dealership, read about previous customer reviews and their better business bureau rating before spending your money. You’ll feel better about handing over your personal information and purchasing a high ticket item that way.

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