Rapid Opioid Detox

The opioid epidemic is affecting nearly every social class, county, and ethnicity in our country right now. The media has covered more celebrity deaths from opioid overdoses more in the past few years, and the numerous civilians who pass away without a press conference is staggering. In some states like Maryland, over one thousand deaths are connected to an opioid overdose. This is surprising since the amount only accounts for January through June of last year.  If Maryland’s deaths by opioid overdose continue at the same rate, excerpts expect at least over 2,000 deaths by June of this year. We can’t let that happen with the country paying over $75 billion every year in opioid addiction related costs in general. If we let our communities slip through the cracks of drug addiction and don’t take measures to educate them about the risks of the drug, the price our taxes, government, and families pay over the years will only increase.

Don’t let opioid addiction take over your life.

Opioid Addiction In Denial

Some addicts will never admit that they have a drug addiction problem because they can’t come to terms with their reality. They might be feeling scared of judgement, embarrassed of their past mistakes, disgusted from their behavior, and hopeless for their future overall. Maybe they truly want to change but have no around them that is a positive influence or is willing to help them seek treatment.

Unlike other medical illnesses like the flu or an injury like a broken bone, an addiction is so much more complex. No one can simply tell themselves to snap out of it and go back to feeling normal. They may look normal on the outside if they’re a high functioning addict, but internally they could feel practically dead and destroyed. Opioids especially are a dangerous drug to get addicted to since it includes popular prescription pain relievers and chemicals like fentanyl that are deadly. Recently, several people died of overdose from fentanyl in California and caused a national outrage over the fake substance. However, instead of praying for hope and asking our shut down government to make a change, we can spread word about tools that will bring true help to opioid addicts. Right now, the best thing we can do is offer the BRIDGE device. Cleared by the FDA, the BRIDGE relieves pain symptoms to decrease their opioid use. Let’s look at how the device works and how opioid addiction can be improved.

Counteracting Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Opioids include Vicodin, OxyContin, fentanyl, and heroin which are illegal in every state. Anyone is prone to developing an addiction if they aren’t careful.  The BRIDGE provides many benefits without lowering the quality of life for patients with the following traits:

  • It helps get rid of physical and mental cravings for opioids. When patients take the drug, they feel attached to the wave of pleasure and happiness that it brings. The BRIDGE device will target the pain from opioid withdrawals that is normally expected from a decreased use of opioids over time. Through lowering their use of opioids, their breathing patterns will not be as erratic and can slowly become more normal over time. The BRIDGE works by transmitting subtle electrical signals to neurotransmitters which respond to the same kind of pain. A patient then won’t need to use opioids to deal with their aches and pains with it.
  • The BRIDGE lowers the withdrawal effect of long term drowsiness and irritability that affects daily productivity. Opioid addicts who live active lifestyles or have demanding careers will benefit the most from this. Before using the BRIDGE, they may have had to take long breaks between classes or work shifts so they could deal with their pain on their own. This could include taking additional medications which include their own list of side effects. With the BRIDGE, a patient just has to attach the device to their ear and wear it for at least five days straight in the beginning of treatment. Patients have reported that they have lower pain in as little as ten minutes after attaching the device.
  • A patient may suffer from not being able to breathe properly and could potentially lose their life. The BRIDGE prevents overdoses from ultimately happening since it is caused by taking a dangerous amount of opioids at one time. This is groundbreaking since the BRIDGE allows them to treatment without pills, shots, or other common forms of treatment. Every patient has to stay motivated and trust the device to work during the first five days. Usually this period is the most important and the most rough during rehab treatment. After being examined by a doctor after the first five days of wearing it, a patient must then continue a more long-term treatment program.

Rapid Opioid Detox Resources

Detox will never be an easy fix if you want to get truly long lasting results. For anyone to stay sober from opiates, they need to stay patient and trust the process as the learn how to live a lifestyle that doesn’t depend on getting high. Their emotions, mood levels, and energy levels may fluctuate as they navigate this new state of mind. Luckily the BRIDGE radically reduces the national number of opioid addicts and can be shipped quickly within the United States with nationwide carriers. It helps boost our national economy as well since it’s manufactured and distributed from a plant in central Indiana. If you are cleared by your doctor to use the BRIDGE device in your daily life, research what local rehab programs encourage using the device along with their counseling. Every rehab professional needs to understand marketing in the rehab industry as well so patients can review what aspects about their service will help them the most. Make sure you invest in your business and your outreach to help the most people possible!

The opioid epidemic is hitting our nation’s youth hard.






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