Car Maintenance Tips

If you’re a huge fan of cleaning your car or going through car washes, it’s in your best interest to practice safe methods when doing so. You don’t want to run the risk of ruining a perfectly good car for the sake of a shiny exterior. Let’s walk through the best methods for washing your vehicle inside or outside. It’s much better to be safe than sorry if you’re washing your vehicle and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Keep your car clean with the best car cleaning hacks.

Hacks For A Car Wash

Many people might walk into the commercial car wash with a blind eye thinking that the employees or machine will do the work just right. Unfortunately, leaving your car neglected and not being aware of the process can actually do more damage to the car than if you didn’t go at all. As a result, sometimes it’s better to take the matter into your own hands so your car is left clean and as durable as before. Some key things to remember the next time you wash your car include the following:

  1. Choose the right kind of soap when washing your car. Some of the most tried and true tips for expert car washers are to not use dish soap, as it cuts through the handy wax protecting your car. This soap is formulated with extremely harsh ingredients that can sometimes even lift the paint off of your vehicle and harm the metal underneath. Do yourself a favor to not use those chemicals and use a soap that is formulated exactly for your car type. Going to an auto center or the auto cleaning section of a retail chain will help you find a variety of detergent options. 
  2. Keep off the dirty mitts. Never think that picking up a rag or mitt that you dropped on the ground is okay. Be very strict with yourself to keep an extra cleaning item with you so no little rocks, dust, or other debris is being transferred onto your car. If you don’t make sure you keep your cleaning items clean, you could lead spider web looking scratches on the paint and a dirty look overall on your car. The best type of item to use is a soft microfiber mitt or towel that is gentle yet absorbent for water and soap. This material won’t leave any kinds of scratches and are much softer to the touch. 
  3. When you want to wash your car, follow the same practice with your resource of cleaning water. You should keep two separate buckets of clean water to rinse your dirty mitt and another for a clean batch to rub in soap. This is a safe practice in general so you don’t scratch your paint or leave ugly streaks on your tires, bumper, front, or windows. Windows can be some of the most difficult areas to clean on your car, so be extra careful here!
  4. Take your car wash inside or under shade if it’s sunny outside. Most car cleaning experts know that a very hot day leaves the metal susceptible to spots from dried up soap and grime. I’ve heard water literally sizzle on some people’s cars during the summer and that’s probably the worst condition to leave your car parked outside in. If you have a garage, make sure to park your car in side their instead and use a function hose to blast clean water at the beginning of the wash if you have one. This helps take off any large chunks of debris so you can spend more time focusing on the more minute details. 
  5. Make sure you pay attention to the wheels on your car. The wheels on our car take on a lot of wear and tear as they’re constantly exposed to heat and cold form the weather. Dust and sharp objects can become nestled into our wheels if we’re not very careful with our driving. The best way to clean them is to buy a wheel cleaner that is formulated for the kind of rims you have. It’s a better idea to cool down your car to room temperature as well before spraying on the harsh chemicals. This is better for the surface of the care and for your own respiratory health as well while you’re kneeling down. 
  6. Dry your car right. What item you use to dry your vehicle is the finishing touch of a great car wash routine. Drying a car is crucial so water or soap spots don’t develop and leave marks on the paint you paid so much for. You can also use a water blade that has a silicone tap to brush away water without scratching your paint, or you can also use your handy microfiber if it is completely clean. If anything, investing in a third towel would be good so you have a fresh one to grab for each stage of your car wash process. 

Be Frugal And Efficient

You can save a lot of money if you take the weekly car wash to your doorstep instead of paying the premium at a commercial car wash site. The best thing to remember is to buy the right cleaning materials and detergents so you don’t cause any unwanted topical damage to your car surface. If you spend even just half an hour to an hour a week to touch on your car, you’ll notice that its life will last a lot longer. Don’t remember to tell your friends that you did all the hard work yourself. They’ll be surely impressed by the quality of your car and ask for pieces of advice, which you can further read about on all across the web. The knowledge online about car maintenance is endless, so don’t be afraid to absorb all the information that is available! 

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