What does smart home automation mean?

A smart home can be controlled from one central place instead of having to move from place to place to get things done. One computer tablet you can carry with you can control a variety of things such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances. This makes for a very simplistic home environment when all of your devices and appliance can be controlled from a central hub. If you want your bedroom warmer before you get there, just notch it up on the tablet before you head upstairs and it will be nice and cozy for you when you roll into bed. Want your garage to be open before you get to the car to leave? Just hit a button to get the door open and you can glide right on out to work on time every day. These small things make for much easier living for the entire family.

Do you need a certain home for a smart home to work?

The answer to this question is: certainly not! You can have any type of home and it can be set up to be compatible with whatever smart home options you would like. Old, new, big, small, modern, there is no requirement for the type of home that you need to live in for you to be able to make it a smart home. These features can be easily installed by professionals and you just have to wait a few days for the magic to happen. When deciding on how you want to set up your smart home you can choose to add as many or little features as you want. You could have it just control the lighting and heating if you wanted to keep it simple, or control almost everything and anything around your house if you wanted to.

Safety and children

Having a smart home is super child friendly and this shouldn’t be something to deter you. There is a way to put a passcode lock on the central device so that no unauthorized person can change anything around the house without the owner’s permission. Families with young children may not want to do it as they think their children may mistake it for a game and start to press random button, especially younger children who just play with anything. However, with the passcode feature, this should not be a worry as they would not be able to change anything on it.

A few home automation options

There are a few choices you have for smart home tech ideas. One of these ideas is for your bathrooms. Imagine that before you even walk into to your bathroom, the floors start warming up. In a cold house, this would be perfect to ensure you don’t have to be cold getting out of the shower. Imagine that the lights turn on in your bathroom before you’re in there, or the same for any room in your house. Installing a smart shower in your house can save a lot of water for you. A smart toilet can flush the exact right amount of water needed every time.

Imagine that you automated your kitchens so that you can push a single button and turn all the lights on. Or you automate a program that could turn the TV on for you when you’re cooking so you can see your favorite cooking show and it will adjust the volume perfectly for you.

Or how about installing automatic blackout shades in your living room, that automatically go down when needed to reduce glare? On top of this adding, consider a motorized projector that descends from the ceiling and a screen that rolls down the wall — this is all part of what you could experience in your living area.
Finally, outside can also have automated features linked to the security of your home. This should be an  

especially important consideration for any family. Automation can do everything from control your

home’s security cameras and link them to your phone to announce when the pool gate is open or

automatically turn sprinklers off when rain is coming. You can be alerted if any suspicious activity is

happening in your house if you are out with your wife and you are worried about your child. These are all

great reasons to start to act on installing a smart home today!

What is the cost of a smart home?

A quick note on cost, the average US family spends about 500 to 2500 dollars on smart home installation.

This is a small price to pay for the great benefits that automating can bring you and your family!

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