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The future is here, smart home devices are all the buzz to get updated with the latest gadgets. Around ten years ago, just the idea of controlling your home’s functions from the touch of a phone via seemed like pure science fiction. Today, apps and wireless smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa can manage your interior temperature, turn down your lights, change your living room playlist, and even recommend the next purchase that would upgrade your crib to the next level. Who knows what will develop next as the biggest tech giants in the world are racing against the clock to create the best innovation in the market. Yet, with changes in how things operate also comes increased risk with user data and safety. Here’s a breakdown on the best smartphone devices that’s risen to the top of user choices within the past year. While they’re a bit on the pricey side, the benefits far outweigh the temporary cost as it provides a level of convenience you’ll love.  


  1. Introducing the Momo Smart Security robot. This is no ordinary gimmick or fantasy smart home device idea from the age of Star Wars. This robot is fully equipped with having surprisingly accurate facial recognition, detailed sound detection, and quick motion sensors to ensure your home is safe and sound. If there’s any case that something odd or sudden catches its attention, it sends an automatic alert to your smartphone so you’re in the loop about what’s going on around your home. The smart home device also has an integrated AI program that can intuitively learn your personal living habits and adjust the way it operates to compliment it the best. There’s no surprise that it also can sync up to other devices in your home as well, allowing for easy access and set up if your home is already decked out with new technology.
  2. Stovetop Smart Knobs are the new name in the game for a smart house. Forget the old days of accidentally leaving your stove on too long, risking the consequence of burning your entire kitchen done. No more will you have to worry about burning your food either or waiting too long for your steak to become well done. The smoke and gas detector that comes built into these futuristic looking smart knobs has a built-in motion sensor.  While it sounds unnecessary and like a waste of money, it’s great to have a device that’s tracking whether you’re actually using your stove or not at a given moment. Every time it senses too much smoke developing from your food or that you walked away from the stove for too long, it will automatically turn off the knobs.
  3. Tired of your traditional Wifi system? The new Wi-fi and air monitoring smart house device is great to make sure your internal environment is safe to breathe in. This monitor that released not too long ago is pretty to the eye and makes for a beautiful addition to your decorations. It easily keeps track of the room temperature, changes in humidity, and even detects if there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide that may be present in the room. By sending immediate notifications to your phone via your home’s Wi-Fi, you can stay alert on the change you will have to stay out of the area. If your phone isn’t near you at the moment, the device will still light up in variety of colors as an alarm of sudden changes in the room’s environment. If you’re a parent of small children or pets, this is a no brainer to integrate for a variety of home automation options at your fingertips.
  4. If you need a new and improved remote control, the Knocki remote control device is a stunning choice. It truly is an innovation of its own, as it can transform any type of surface that it is placed on into a touchscreen interface to control you home. That’s it, one attachment and the ultimate smart home device is at your fingertips. Be it your floor, countertop, or dog’s stool, it can work with a variety of materials. From there, you can then direct different controls for your TV, controlling your home temperature for your smart house, and locating your lost home with different tapping patterns you assign on your own. Proceed with caution if you feel that you can no longer do anything more than making a few taps at a time.

Upgrade Your Home 

Having a smart house doesn’t have to be complicated thanks to the ease of use with these products. You can even make smart technology upgrades in small Minneapolis studio apartments or huge houses in New York City.  Even if one isn’t your cup of tea, there’s guaranteed an alternative that’s already on the market that will suit your personal needs best. Upgrading your control system can spark a breadth of home automation options to save you time, money, and headache in case situations go south when you’re not home. Smart home devices are also on the trajectory of improving with each month, as experts within the fields of computer science and software engineering are working hard on making critical improvements. Explore your options and see where the tech takes you!

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