Why working professionals need alcohol assessments

Graduating college and the cycle of addiction

Many students each year have to transition from college life to real world jobs, which leaves them fending for themselves at this time more than ever. This stress can definitely take its toll on some people and certainly prove too much for others. Instead of facing the challenges that comes with each day, some choose to shy away and turn to vices to fill voids and release anxiety. These types of vices include alcohol and drugs that can do major long term damage to your body; this will quickly start to affect your overall health.

Jobs that are rated most likely to affect alcohol consumption

Some jobs, more than others, has higher risks for alcohol abuse. Based on recent research, few of the top jobs that put a person at higher risk of alcohol abuse are financial experts, lawyers, cooks, construction workers, advertisers, and managers of certain industries. If you have been or are currently involved with one of these jobs you may want to make sure that your alcohol consumption is not an issue. More often than not, people struggling with alcohol addiction (alcoholism) appear to be normal, everyday members of society. Many alcoholics, contrary to social belief are not doing it to be the life of the party and to have a great time. Instead, alcoholism can be attributed to reasons much deeper in a person’s life. These unhealthy drinking habits develop as a response to deep, personal pain or traumatic experiences.

Why younger adults are more prone to these issues

As a young adult entering the world after college, life can sometimes be a bit confusing. They find themselves having to move to an area with little or no friends at all, maybe working in a job they feel they are too good for, or something that is causing too much stress in their life at a young age. The job market today is tougher than ever so younger adults do not have the luxury of freedom when choosing a job, some may have to take whatever comes there way, even if they don’t want to take it. This can lead to them turning to unhealthy means to escape the world they are in and not have to worry about all these kinds of issues. Alcohol is the main culprit for this, as for a rime it can leave you unaware of the world around you and with no worries or stress to care for. Some young adults will start off slowly having a few drinks a day a couple times a week, as we know there is nothing wrong with this. However, it is when the cycle of addiction begins to kick in that it is time to take a step back and make sure the alcohol consumption not becoming too heavy. These few days can turn into every day, and a few drinks can become a lot of drinks, allowing them to escape their reality for periods every day.

Signs that someone is becoming an alcoholic

If you are worried for a friend or a loved one, there are a few signs that alcohol may be more involved in their lives than it should be. Firstly, if they are skipping events more frequently to stay in and be by themselves, it can mean they are trying to get alone time with the bottle. Secondly, if they are more temperamental than usual, and seeming fatigued more and more often, it can mean their sleeping pattern is being disturbed by alcohol and their brain functions becoming impaired. Finally, the most common sign is the need to lie about what they are consuming on a consistent basis. If this is happening there is no sooner time that the present to have a word with them and see what is going on in this period of their lives. It is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about and that is something you must stress to them before pursuing any course of treatment.

Alcohol rehab center for those that abuse alcohol

The good news is there are many recovery options for someone struggling with alcoholism. The bad news it is doesn’t make the recovery process any easier for them. No matter how well you have it getting over these issues is a tough task and should be treated as such. No one’s addiction is easier to overcome than anyone else is because of their certain circumstances or position in life. Offer help before we label people with judgement, and for this very reason there are alcohol treatment
centers in Florida.

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  1. Didn’t know that graduating students were most at risk for some of these issues. Good for parents to know this so they can be the support system they need when graduating college.

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