Mapping Balzac draws upon the work of numerous scholars in Balzac studies. Most notably, we have relied upon the following studies for initial information, which is then corrected and linked:

Cerfberr, Anatole and Christophe, Jules François. Repertory of the Comédie Humaine. Philadelphia: Avil, 1902.

Guichardet, Jeannine. Balzac, “archéologue” de Paris. Paris: Slatkine, 1986.

Lecour, Charles. Les Personnages de la Comédie Humaine. Paris: J. Vrin, 1966.

Pugh, Anthony. Balzac’s Recurring Characters. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974.

Raser, George Bernard. Guide to Balzac’s Paris. Choisy-Le-Roi: Imprimerie de France, 1964.


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