Lab Meetings

Summer 2022

Reading Tree Thinking this summer!

Spring 2022

4/22: Mandel lab presents at CBio!

4/15: Masi presents!

3/24: Erika practice talk

3/17: Erika practice talk

2/10: Teixeira and Huber 2021

2/7: Collecting honeysuckle in Overton!

1/27: Lab check-in

1/20: Lab check-in

Fall 2021

12/9: Rothfels, Tansley Insight, Polyploidy Phylogenetics

11/18: Coding, check-in

11/11: Coding, check-in

10/7: Lab Check-in

9/30: Jennifer lead Xu et al. 2021, SCS in maize inflorescence (sent via Slack)

9/23: Jennifer lead discussion about HybSeq probe design and two recent papers (sent via Slack)

9/16: Jennifer lead: Wu et al. 2019 New Phyt paper

9/9: Paige herbarium practice talk

9/2: Lab Check-in

8/26: Lab Check-in

Summer 2021

8/20: Prep for the semester/catch up!

8/13: Lab Clean up!🤪

8/6: Lab Check-in

7/9: Best of both worlds, APPS 2021 paper

7/2: DataCamp, R

6/25: DataCamp, R

6/18: DataCamp, R

6/11: Marshall 2019 paper, pages 1-8 + DataCamp

6/4: Lab Check-in, DataCamp, Genomics with Ram

5/28: Talk about DataCamp, Lab Check-in, Erika practice Evolution talk/go over slides

5/21: Lab Check-in

5/14: Lab Check-in

Spring 2021

5/7: No lab meeting in AM, lab meeting in evening 🙂

4/30: Tree Thinking Discussion

4/23: Ram Practice Talk

4/16: Paige Practice Talk

4/9: Paige Practice Talk (optional meeting, Wellness Break)

4/1: No lab meeting

3/26: ASB

3/19: No lab meeting

3/12: Mike Practice Talk

3/5: Mike Practice Talk

2/26: Lab Check-in + Talk about Mars landing!

2/19: ASB Practice Talks by Ram/Mike/Erika

2/12: Building near-complete plant genomes

2/5: No Lab Meeting

1/29: Have first DataCamp module complete and by this date also download and install anaconda.

1/22: Reminder that abstracts due for ASB, tentative Ram presents on Machine Learning + González-Pech et al. 2019. Commonly misunderstood parameters of NCBI BLAST and important considerations for users (will send via email).

1/15: Sign up for DataCamp + Valente et al. 2020. A simple dynamic model explains the diversity of island birds worldwide. 

1/8: New Year, new ________. Let’s read a recent paper by Carol! Folk et al. 2020, Angiosperms at the edge.

Fall 2020

12/18: Sweater contest and Zoom games + check in about lab work/writing/etc.

12/11:  Lab Work, no meeting!

11/30:  Monday Lab meeting 9:30AM , note date/day change; Everyone has 5-10 minutes to talk about their work

11/13: Bedford et al. 2020, Viral genome sequencing places White House COVID-19 outbreak into phylogenetic context

11/6: Lab catchup and check in

10/30: Bagley et al. 2020, Utility of targeted sequence capture for phylogenomics in rapid, recent angiosperm radiations: Neotropical Burmeistera bellflowers as a case study

10/23: Henkhaus et al. 2020, Plant science decadal vision 2020–2030: Reimagining the potential of plants for a healthy and sustainable future

10/15: Erika’s Prospectus Defense Practice Talk

10/9: Phillips 2006, Homology assessment and molecular sequence alignment (read up to 4. Multiple sequence alignment)

10/2: Finish Gregory 2008 and Mike’s Prospectus Defense Practice Talk

9/25: Gregory 2008, Understanding Evolutionary Trees (read up to Misconception #4)

9/18: Mike leads: Soulé 1985, What is Conservation Biology?

9/11: Critical (her word!) review of a Puckett Lab draft MS

9/4: Ram leads: Portik and Wiens 2020, Do Alignment and Trimming Methods Matter for Phylogenomic (UCE) Analyses? Systematic Biology.

Other possible papers:

Day1: Casillas and Barbadilla 2017, Molecular Population Genetics (read up to The distribution of fitness effects)

Day2: Casillas and Barbadilla 2017 (read up to Determinants of Patterns of Genome Variation)

Day3: Finish Casillas and Barbadilla 2017


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