New AIAA 2021 SciTech conference paper demonstrating wind turbine modeling with machine learning and sparse sampling

Check out the Ala’s AIAA SciTech conference paper “Reduced-order Model Predictions of Wind Turbines via Mode Decomposition and Sparse Sampling”.  The presentation is on the SciTech website in the Uncertainty Analysis Advancements for Wind Energy Applications session.  The live session is on January 19, 2021, January 19, 2021 from 2:30 PM to 3:45 PM  EST

New CFD simulations and experiments show dispersion of aerosols during modeling human respiration

Two 2020 APS DFD conference abstracts are submitted demonstrating preliminary work on understanding dispersion of aerosols during human respiration.

Simulations: Simulations of the Interactions of Coherent Vortical Structures and Respiratory Droplets during Expiration

Experiments: Respiratory Droplets Transport via Vortex Dynamics during Expiration

This is on-going research part of a larger project in collaboration with the faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  The goals are to understand the aerosol dispersion during talking and singing.