Men Healing and Men Communities

As Director of CAYDI am excited about the upcoming academic year and the amazing partnerships CAYD has with some of the most talented people in Memphis. We are about working with communities to support the creation of safe spaces to share strengths, success, nurturance and strategies for healing. We recently facilitated 11th Barbershop Talk Event in June at the Knowledge Quest (KQ) Green Leaf Farm Grizzles Pavilion with support of the Shelby County Division of Community Services (check out the pictures) and it was a great fun informative time. The Men Healing Men and Communities Network will continue to show how men are actively involved in the positive development and healing of our communities. Healers are doing amazing work in our communities and KQ and the Refugee Empowerment Program have integrated the healing power of drumming and movement into unique work with children, youth and families.

Utilizing a trauma informed care lens is important for helping support the development of youth, but it is not without its limits. Many care approaches fail to recognize that for people of color trauma experiences are historical and present community based. Organizations, networks and institutions need to work together with community-based organizations to address trauma from a holistic prospective. In addition to the healing and coping that interventions with cognitive behavioral therapy emphasis bring, some have called for more “healing centered” approaches. An ongoing question that needs to shared is, what are the things men are doing to heal our communities?

Doc G and Kufere

4 thoughts on “Men Healing and Men Communities

  1. Doc G & Kufere –

    Thank you for this much needed blog!
    I like many of brother/Dr. Shawn Ginwright’s ideas about “healing engagement” as an approach to trauma in our community. For example – viewing trauma as a collective experience for which collective action against causes of trauma (or social circumstances that promote trauma) may be healing; and making use of cultural and spiritual resource in that healing work.

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