Horn Artist Dr. Robert Fant To Join Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music

The Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music is thrilled to announce Dr. Robert Fant as visiting assistant professor of horn beginning fall 2020. “I am very excited. I have been searching for a program that allows me to teach a full complement of degrees from bachelor’s to PhD,” Fant said. “I am so fortunate that I have family in Memphis…. it’s a wonderful town, and all the faculty and colleagues seem to be so great.”

Fant is a highly sought-after teacher, performer and composer and has performed on every continent on the globe except Antarctica. He has a long history in music education, having taught at universities for the past ten years. Prior to his appointment, he was assistant professor of horn at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

“Dr. Robert Fant brings an impeccable pedigree and wealth of experience to the Rudi Scheidt School of Music faculty as a visiting professor for 2020-2021,” said Dr. Kevin Sanders, director of the School. “His record of student success and orchestral performances spanning the globe are truly impressive. We are excited to see the impact he makes on our faculty and with our students.”

Fant began playing horn in his early 20s after taking a musical elective class while he was studying pre-med. He said that this class resulted in a shift in what he considered his new lifelong calling. “Classical music is just so passion-filled, there’s so much drama and excitement,” he said. “I just enjoy being surrounded by that every single day.”

Fant always knew he wanted to be a teacher. His teaching method is to adapt lessons to the needs of students as individuals rather than as a unit. “My style is that I work very closely with students. We not only talk about the horn, we talk about careers and futures and how to go about being successful as a performer, or an educator,” He said.

Fant is eager to work with the students at the University of Memphis and is confident that the School of Music’s programs will lead to great successes with its students. “I think people are going to really start turning heads… we have a great group of colleagues and kids… and we’re going to help them find their passion, no matter what that passion is,” Fant said.

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