We use computational modeling and multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO) methods to advance the design of complex engineering systems.

Our research areas include developing MDAO methods, applying MDAO to renewable energy systems, and computational modeling of systems with thermo-fluids science.

Research Description:

Lee Research Group studies interfaces of coupled disciplines to improve and redefine engineering design processes. We seek creative ways to numerically model physical system couplings, thoroughly explore design spaces, utilize more extensive design freedom, and extract nonobvious design knowledge from the design solutions we obtain at the interfaces. We use the integrated design (co-design) and the multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO) methodologies as our tools and apply them to the models based on fundamental mechanics (primarily focused on thermo-fluids science). We also develop advanced algorithms and computer software to solve challenging multidisciplinary system design problems.

Research Applications:

  • Floating offshore wind turbines, Hydrokinetic turbines
  • Aerospace, Fluid materials, Healthcare systems
  • Design optimization algorithms and software toolset

Computational modeling combined with integrated design (also referred to as co-design) and multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) methods has recently become a crucial tool in developing complex systems with coupled disciplines, such as renewable energy systems, automotive / aeronautical / astronautical systems, systems with nonconventional materials (such as viscoelastic lubrication or vibration/impact damping systems), or medical / dental / pharmaceutical systems.