Devante Yates, N3

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Devante Yates

The swift change from on-ground lecture to online was a surprise. In the beginning, when we first received the email, I assumed that we would be back in class after the extended break. I was in for a surprise when the lectures and clinical were made virtual. It made lectures less engaging in the beginning because I was not surrounded by my peers. My cohort has become rather close with one another, so it took some adjustment. The most difficult challenge was finding the proper environment to study. It is not ideal for students to study in their room because it decreases productivity. The transition performed by the staff was amazing. My professors made a swift adjustment to online lectures always keeping open hours to answer questions. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better staff to make such a huge transition.

In the beginning, the online lecture was different and took some major adjustments. At the time, I wasn’t used to sitting in front of a computer straining my eyes and struggling to be so attentive for a prolonged period of time. It took a few weeks to adapt but I did just that. In nursing school, it is stressed that nursing is all about adapting to new environments and rolling with the punches.

vSim is a great alternative considering the options we had at such an abrupt change in schedule. Nothing however will ever take the place of on-site clinical’s and being able to verbally communicate with a patient and his or her family. The faculty does a great job of making the simulations as real as possible. The biggest adjustment is acting as if the simulations are real.

I feel safe with the pandemic protocols implemented campus-wide however they have affected my studies. A lot of buildings close early such as the library. I use these areas as a change of scenery to help boost my well-being and mood.

With me being in my 3rd semester I’m currently taking OB and Geriatrics, so I am unable to apply my knowledge learned in-class to observation in the hospital. I am not able to work on certain skills such as therapeutic communication with families and how to educate and update them on their family’s health.

Being in nursing school during a pandemic has defiantly taught me how to make adjustments quickly and when things don’t go as plan, keep going.