Within these pages, you will find important forms, updates, and need to know information.   It’s under construction but be on the lookout for new information and links.

Latest News & Updates

Missing Tablecloth

We’re missing the original social work tablecloth, along with a small plush tiger, blue/white pom poms, and blue/silver throw beads.   If you have seen these items, please return them.  Thanks!


Work-Study Student

Katarina Williamson is in her senior year and she is working a part-time position off campus.  She will continue to work for the department for 8-10 hours per week.  Katarina will continue to assist with filing and Career Center posts.


I recently hired Jessica Logan as a work-study student.  Jessica is a junior accounting major.  She will work 13-15 hours a week.  Her main tasks in the upcoming weeks include uploading documents to the UM Drive, archiving paper files, and shredding files.  She will then focus on creating a key inventory for the department.


Both have signed confidentiality statements.



If you have not already done so, please send me an email listing of the university issued keys in your possession.  This includes any office keys, classroom keys, entrance keys, etc.

It is very important that you return to me any unused rooms keys.  This is to ensure we are following the university key policy.




Unused and unwanted office furniture, equipment and computers must be documented through Physical Plant before being moved to the Surplus facilities on South Campus.   If you wish get rid of any furniture, equipment or computers, please let me know.  I’ll begin the documentation process and follow-up with next steps.


Please do not move these items into the hallway for disposal until I have been notified.  Some items must remain in the office until Physical Plant can remove them.


Printing and Copying

Don’t forget to pick-up print jobs sent to the networked printers.


This month, between the printers/copiers in MC 131 and MC 225, we have used 11,965 copies.  According to Vickie, this is nearly $600 of departmental funds.  Though this increase is partly due to beginning of the school year activities, she asked that we be mindful of our printing/copying and use electronic documents whenever possible.





Campus Room Reservations

When requesting to reserve any space on campus, along with your space preference please send me as many set-up details as possible.  This includes set-up style, tables needed for check-in and registration, food, etc.


The University Center (UC) has tightened room reservation procedures.  Even though I have the ability to reserve rooms in the UC, their staff will send final confirmations to me.   UC rooms are not final until the reservation confirmation has been received.



Course shells are made available on the following dates:

Semester On/Before
Fall July 4th weekend
Spring Thanksgiving
Summer April 15 (tax day)