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Update on Online Programs and Rankings

Dear Campus Community:

As many of you know, our online programs have been growing steadily over the past decade. Currently, over 30% of our students take at least one course online at some point during the time at the UofM. This past year the UofM was ranked as the #1 online university in Tennessee and #40 nationally, including all public and private universities. In the past two years, we have 30 online programs ranked in the top 30, including:

The Princeton Review
Best Online MBA (#23)

Affordable Colleges Online
Best Online Bachelor's Degrees (#12)
Best Online Colleges (#17)
Best Online Colleges In Tennessee (#1)
Best Online Business Management Degree (#1)
Best Online Finance Degree (#3)
Best Online Communications Degree (#8)
Best Online Psychology Degree (#11)
Best Online PhD in Education (#27)
Best Online Master's Programs (#17)
Best Online MBA Program (#19)
Best Online Master's in History (#5)
Best Online Master's in Psychology (#9)
Best Online Master's in Public Health (#22)
Best Online Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (#15)
Most Affordable Online College (#22)

Best Choice
Best Online Schools for Accounting (#1)
Best Online Criminal Justice Programs (#22)
Accredited Online Bachelor's Degree Programs (#24)
Best Online Master's in Liberal Studies Degree Programs (#12)
Most Affordable Online Master's in Educational Psychology (#9)

College Values Online
Best Value Online Accounting Programs (#18)
Best Value Online Journalism Programs (#8)
Best Value Online Psychology Programs (#29)
Best Value Online History Programs (#7)
Best Affordable Online Master's in Psychology (#6)

Grad School Hub
Most Affordable Online Master's Degree in English (#21)

Great Value Colleges
Online Psychology Degree (#27)

Best Online Colleges in Tennessee (#3)
Best Online Colleges in Tennessee (#1)

Although it is only a small percentage of what we do, it is well deserved recognition. We anticipate this portion of our student population will continue to grow, and we are actively preparing to launch a new marketing campaign to share the good news of our success and the exceptional quality of our offerings.
Congratulations on a job remarkably well done.

Warm Regards,

M. David Rudd
President | Distinguished University Professor

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