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THEC Funding Recommendations for 2016-2017

Dear Campus Community:

Yesterday THEC released their funding recommendations for the 2016-2017 fiscal year in preparation for the upcoming legislative session.  The summary table is provided below.  As you can see, the University of Memphis has fared well in the process.  Our outcomes formula total is $817,500, evidencing significant improvement over just two years ago when we lost over $500,000.  With our share of recommended new funding, the UofM total is an increase of $5,238,300, almost double (in total dollar value) of any other university in the TBR system.

It is important to make two points. First, these recommendations have to be approved by the Legislature and endorsed by the Governor.  Second, although remarkably helpful they do not resolve our continuing efforts to close structural budget problems that have endured for years.

I will continue to keep you fully updated as we move forward in the legislative session.  In addition to the THEC recommendations, we have made a number of supplemental funding requests for the UofM. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students, research mission, and community. We are seeing some meaningful progress and the promise of good days ahead.

Thank you,

M. David Rudd | President

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