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Tennessee’s Next National Research University

Dear Campus Community:

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared several items with you including our THEC performance funding score, efforts to expand our national visibility, our goal to grow the University’s enrollment 10% in the coming five years, and the remarkable performance of MD2K, our NIH Center of Excellence.  As we move towards a new legislative session, I will be pursuing support for a dedicated effort to advance the University of Memphis to the status of a nationally ranked public research university. I think few would argue that a state the size of ours deserves two such state universities. As the only institution in the Tennessee Board of Regents system classified by the prestigious Carnegie Foundation as a Research University with High Activity (RU/HA) and the university with the largest Honors Program in the state, we are well positioned to achieve this goal.

After considerable thought and discussion it’s clear that to achieve our research aspirations we need to define our goal in clear terms. Becoming a nationally recognized research university is not a goal that can be reached without additional, targeted state support.  The impact of our research, scholarly and creative activity reaches well beyond the boundaries of Tennessee and stretches across the globe.  The depth and breadth of faculty expertise is impressive.  We have accomplished remarkable things with limited resources.  You’ll be hearing more about this effort in the coming months, and I hope you will support our efforts to attain this important goal.

Warm Regards,

M. David Rudd | President

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