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University of Memphis posts 7% increase in research awards in fiscal year 2015

Dear Campus Community:

As you know, the University of Memphis is committed to growing our research, creative, and scholarly activity.  As an update, U of M faculty brought in more than $53 million in external funding for research and sponsored programs during the 2014-15 academic year, achieving a 7% gain over 2013-14 totals. Computer science, fueled by signature achievements in data science research tied to mobile health sensors and continued strength in cybersecurity and network research, accounts for the largest gains. As mentioned in a tweet last week,  Dr. Phil Bourne of NIH made the following comment in reference to our MD2K Center; “I’ve never seen a Center of Excellence achieve more in its first year”. The consistently high performing areas of interdisciplinary learning sciences, behavioral health, bioscience and engineering, and transportation also provided strong contributions despite an increasingly challenging and competitive funding environment. Equally noteworthy are smaller, but significant gains in dollars associated with Philosophy research fellowships, and a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation, which will expand capabilities in Chemistry.

We want to congratulate you on your hard work and remarkable contributions.

Thank you.

M. David Rudd | President

Andrew Meyers | Interim Vice President for Research


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