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New Enrollment Services Student Support Center Reaching Out to Students

The U of M Enrollment Services Student Center is a great example of innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.  Our new Center serves as a central hub for getting answers to prospective and current students concerning admissions, financial aid, scholarship and registration needs. With a small but highly energetic staff of four, headed by John Rhodes, the Center will limit the need for students to travel to multiple university offices to find the answers they need. The Center has already proven highly effective at handling the majority of walk-in traffic and phone activity, freeing up other offices and resources to devote to processing student information.  The Center streamlines the enrollment process, increasing its efficiency and making it more student-friendly.  Initial feedback has been great. The Center, located in 103 Wilder Tower, is open daily and has recently established a web site located at:

Though they just opened this Fall, they are already proving a valuable addition to the Enrollment Services division.

“On their own initiative, they compiled a list of all students enrolled for Fall 2014 who have outstanding balances for this term,” reports Betty Huff, Special Assistant for Enrollment Management. “They are contacting the students and attempting to assist them with their financial holds to enable them to be able to register for Spring 2015 prior to leaving for the holidays.  They understand that committed students are more likely to return than students not registered.”  John Rhodes estimates the number of students in this financial position at 311. He and his team will continue to put in place initiatives that will help remove barriers to students completing their degrees.

The Center is an important part of making the University of Memphis a friendlier place for students and removing barriers in, what can sometimes appear, an imposing process.  Their initiative deserves our congratulations and a big Thank You! Keep up the great work!

Go Tigers!

M. David Rudd | President

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