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The U of M Enrollment Services Student Center is a great example of innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.  Our new Center serves as a central hub for getting answers to prospective and current students concerning admissions, financial aid, scholarship and registration needs. With a small but highly energetic staff of four, headed by John Rhodes, the Center will limit the need for students to travel to multiple university offices to find the answers they need. The Center has already proven highly effective at handling the majority of walk-in traffic and phone activity, freeing up other offices and resources to devote to processing student information.  The Center streamlines the enrollment process, increasing its efficiency and making it more student-friendly.  Initial feedback has been great. The Center, located in 103 Wilder Tower, is open daily and has recently established a web site located at:

Though they just opened this Fall, they are already proving a valuable addition to the Enrollment Services division.

“On their own initiative, they compiled a list of all students enrolled for Fall 2014 who have outstanding balances for this term,” reports Betty Huff, Special Assistant for Enrollment Management. “They are contacting the students and attempting to assist them with their financial holds to enable them to be able to register for Spring 2015 prior to leaving for the holidays.  They understand that committed students are more likely to return than students not registered.”  John Rhodes estimates the number of students in this financial position at 311. He and his team will continue to put in place initiatives that will help remove barriers to students completing their degrees.

The Center is an important part of making the University of Memphis a friendlier place for students and removing barriers in, what can sometimes appear, an imposing process.  Their initiative deserves our congratulations and a big Thank You! Keep up the great work!

Go Tigers!

M. David Rudd | President

Dear University of Memphis Community:

By any measure it’s been a busy fall semester, one with some great successes.  Our NIH Center of Excellence is a U of M first, one that will build national partnerships and result in unprecedented scientific innovation, all with broad-based national/international impact.  Faculty members across campus continue to create, innovate and discover in remarkable ways (  Our student applications and admissions to date are at record levels, along with the university now qualifying as “selective” from an admissions perspective. We have already received more applications in the first quarter of this year than the entirety of last year.  Growth at our Lambuth campus is also on pace to exceed our initial targets when the campus was acquired four years ago.

As many already know, this past Saturday our football team won the American Athletic Conference championship, our first football championship in 43 years.  Let me encourage you to join me in congratulating our coaches, staff and players on a great accomplishment.  They represent the University of Memphis remarkably well, both in and out of the classroom.  They are great ambassadors for our university and the broader Memphis community.  All of our games have been nationally televised this year, providing unparalleled visibility and an effective platform to share more about our campus and the great comprehensive education we offer, along with remarkable achievements across all academic disciplines.  I hope you were able to catch our revised commercial during halftime.

We’ll be rolling out a new branding effort after the holidays, one that builds on the unique and exceptional educational opportunity that is the University of Memphis.  It’s an effort that will build on our well-accepted “dreamers, thinkers, doers” campaign.  Given the pace on campus I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy these accomplishments, and join me in celebrating the success of the University of Memphis.

Go Tigers!

M. David Rudd | President

President Rudd wishes you a happy holiday season. Please click the link at the bottom of the image below to view the video card. (Be sure to turn up the volume!)

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Dear Campus Community:

As promised, I am providing another periodic update regarding admissions and fundraising efforts.  As of this week, we have a total of 12,562 first-time undergraduate applications (i.e. first-time freshman and transfers) for the main campus, representing an increase of 244% over last year.  This includes an increase in first-time freshman applications of 263% and transfer applications of 52% (despite the TN Promise).  Undergraduate applications to the Lambuth Campus total 418, a 260% increase over the prior year. Most of the gains have been within our 250-mile radius strategic target area, but we certainly have improved our regional and national footprint, with remarkable improvement in applications from east Tennessee.  In terms of admissions, we have a total of 4,770 to date for both campuses (79% increase over this time last year), with a first-time freshman increase of 83% and a transfer increase of 5%.  Now, we are working to actually get them to our campus and convince them to enroll at the University of Memphis!

Our fundraising efforts have had excellent returns in the first six months.  Here are the totals to date:


JUL 1 thru NOV 30, 2013

JUL 1 thru NOV 30, 2014














As you can see, we have experienced significant increases, almost tripling our totals from last year.  We have made an effort to leverage our athletic visibility in order to achieve gains on the academic side, a strategy that appears to be working with over $7 million raised for academics. These totals do not include over $12 million in proposals that are actively under consideration.

I hope that you all are doing well.  Let me wish you and your families the best for the holiday season.  If you have not had a chance to view our holiday greeting card, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to do so:

Warm Regards for 2015!

M. David Rudd | President

Dear Campus Community:

Early in my tenure at the University of Memphis the issue of healthcare services for our graduate assistants was raised as a critical issue. I certainly agree it is among our highest priorities to find a solution, one that works within the budget constraints and realities we currently face.  As you know, we have been exploring options and opportunities for the past year. I’m pleased to share that after discussions with Dr. Scott Morris,  CEO of the Church Health Center, we have worked out the elements for a solution that will provide healthcare services (medical and dental) for our graduate assistants. We are in the process of finalizing the details of the agreement and will have those to you as soon as they become available, but I wanted to get the word our as soon as possible because we are nearing (and in some cases in the middle of) graduate recruitment season.   Provost Weddle-West will be working with representatives from the Church Health Center and our general counsel’s office to complete the agreement. Please join me in thanking Dr. Morris for all he does for Memphis.

Warm Regards,

M. David Rudd | President

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