There has always been Domestic Violence, as far back as cave men era, and maybe further than that, but I will be talking about today’s  about today’s Domestic Violence  that   has  rose  couple of years. Domestic Violence is not only a city or  a state  problem. problem, Domestic Violence is a National problem.  Domestic Violence is not only in the NFL, it is in every field or work place you can name.Ray Rice got caught on camera this is how the public found out about his abuse on his girlfriend, that is now his wife if the camera wasn’t on that elevator we probably never would have known that Ray Rice is an abuser.

I have relatives that have been abused by their husbands, I can remembered some years ago my brother-in-law hit my sister with a coffee table on her hip, and she was bed ridden for a week, she never called the police so they could fill out a report, she did go to the hospital for treatment and she told the Doctor, she fell in hurt her leg. There could be a lot of unreported Domestic Violence, to women, children, and also men never report that they are in a Domestic Violence situation.

As far as using tactics, counseling, although counseling do not help some people, there others counseling in nothing else help an abuser, an abuser must want to stop his or her abuse, an other thing I think will help some men and women too if men would take a stand against Domestic Violence, I do believe men will get the message, that this is not righ