The City of Memphis needs to be transparent.

During the last election of 2015 in Memphis, a scandal arose out of the shadows of the so many campaigns and so may issues that plagued this city of 646,889 in population. A little fact about Memphis TN. is that many really never think about is its total demographics. I researched and discovered that Memphis is predominantly an African-American city with the Female African American as the majority. Even though an African American woman is a majority in the city, they remain a minority of the nation. Being a Minority was this premise behind this scandal. The news headlines read “Wharton’s campaign manager Deidra Malone gets $880,000 from police body cam contract.” … FOX13 emailed Taser to ask why it chose the Carter Malone Group … It was said that Deidre Malone being campaign manager really doesn’t mean anything.  The politicians will use any angle in order to make dollars and the buck never stops there.  They attempted one more sandal before the end.  Dollars seem to roll in and out this city like a wide open faucet. Like in the body cam scandal, when discovered, all hands were quickly hidden. I wonder what else is hidden in the city of Memphis. Many will use the disparity of others or play the minority card in order to pad their pockets. It is time to make the City of Memphis Govt. totally transparent and let the citizens and tax payers decide where the money is sourced and spent. It is ridiculous that the city is a giant cesspool and the streets look like Beirut.

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