Police Presents in neighborhoods

The intern police chief, Michael Rallings, decide that police presents on the roadways was very important. He positioned multiple squad cars on the expressway and main streets during the high traffic hours. Now this decision did allowed police to write a number of speeding tickets and also help to maintain the flow of traffic. Police presents helps residents feel safe so I believe Michael Rawlings had a good idea but there should be more police in the neighborhoods. More police present in the neighborhoods would cut down on the senseless murders and robberies. The neighborhood gas station and dollar stores have been the targets of robberies lately. Police present in the neighborhoods may deter those looking to do these foolish acts. Today around noon, the Citgo gas station at the corner of Cherry and Dunn became a crime scene. This Citco gas station is located down the street from Willow Oaks Elementary school where there is police presents at the school in the morning and afternoon hours. Now it is report that this gas station has been victims of multiple robberies in the past weeks. If the police were in the area more often, that 20 year old clerk might not have lost his life today.


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