Day Care Conditions

Our Children is our most valuable possessions. When leaving your children at day care make sure that the day care follows safety and proper guidelines. Parents should leave their children with peace of mind, knowing that their children is left in good hands. You should always make sure that the day care is licensed by the state. Also, staff and other employees should have undergone background checks. Day cares should make sure that proper cleaning polices are used to prevent sickness and transferring of germs. Day care facilities should have an emergency plan for natural disasters and health related accidents. Always keep Adult supervision for each group of children and infants, at all times. Parents should ask a lot of questions. When meeting the day care director and staff members, ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable about leaving your child in their daycare. It’s a good idea to have written a list of questions and bring it with you. Therefore, you don’t forget what to ask the director and staff members, such as: How long the day care has been in business? What are the hours of operation? Are children asked to stay home when they are sick? How does the day care discipline children? What is the Visitation Policy? How many children per staff member? Are there sleeping or napping rooms cleaned and disinfected daily? How safe is the day care? Does the day care discipline and how? Therefore, parents will know if this day care is the right place for their child to be.

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