Memphis having difficulty keeping Police Officers

Over the last year or two Memphis has lost over 400 police officers to other cities across America. Our police department is currently under staffed and it shows with the increasing crime rates in Memphis. Currently of the 32 murders that have occurred this year 10 have not been solved. Though police officers do not solve murder cases having police present in our communities does help to lower crime. We have seen the City take away some benefits and they are not payed appropriately so it is very easy for them to be lured away. Memphis is known for having one of the top academies in America so we are basically training great officers for other cities. Who wants to risk their life everyday to be under payed and barely have enough benefits if something were to happen? Hardly anyone wants to be a police officer anymore in the city of Memphis because it isn’t worth it. We have to raise our pay rates and give our officers great benefits if they want to keep our officers here in our city. The current police chief claims he knows what needs to happen in order to get more officers lets see if he will actually put into action what needs to be done.

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