Free Education

The College for All Act was recently introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders. Today in the United States there are over $70 billion dollars put into a four year college or university. Through this process the Federal Government will take more than half of the cost of tuition and the rest is left to the states to pay. Now the students future is up to the tax payers in their state. If the tax payers don’t want a increase in the money taken from them how does Sander’s plan flow.

Sander’s idea could also benefit the education for several students. This process will help hire more faculty to hold every position needed at a four year institution. There will be smaller classrooms and more hands on work for the students. Then in return there will be better funding for clubs and activities at the universities and sports teams as well. In this issue Bernie noticed that the good out weighed the bad and in hoping that so will the others in passing this Bill.

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