Water Crisis

Government of Flint is the main reason behind this bad time in Michigan. The government of Flit, Michigan was paying Detroit for their water. But two years ago they decide to get the water out of the Flint River and it’s been bad ever since. When the city of Flit was using Lake Huron for water it not that bad to fix the water and keep all the bad things away so the citizens of Michigan can drink the water. One day the government of Michigan decide to start save of money and stop paying for the clean water in the lakes and rivers in Michigan. The citizen in Flit start noticing a change in the water on the way it taste, smell, and look. So the water started getting polluted by bad things to the point that it was not safe to drink or use. The city of Flint thought they was doing a good thing by not getting to community to clean the water until the water started killing people. The water got so bad and dirty that it started killing hundreds of people and making many sick. The reason why i think the city of Flint made the decision to pay for the water because the city was going over there budget and started cutting things they think they did not need but did. Another reason why the city Flint start getting contaminated because they wanted to start using Detroit water instead of using tab water. In the contaminated water it had small pieces glass and other types of bad materials in it. The water got so bad that all the children in the city of Flint must get check because lead level was raising and more people was dieing.  When the president of the United States heard about what happen to the city of Flit he quickly call out for a state of emergency in Michigan this pass Saturday. The Nation Guard went to Michigan to pass of cases of water and water filter for the citizen and was in need. The water made a big effect of the city of Flit only because many of business use water to drink of use. The government of Michigan handle this problem with class but many of citizen thought they could have did it sooner. The water was changing colors like a dark brown because the water had iron and lead in the water. The government help out the city of Flit by taking care of the citizen in need. The problem that happen in the city of Flit is a example of local, state ,and federals. This problem in Flit is a example of local, state ,and federal because water is one of the most important thing in the world and it has a big effect on the environment. The city of Flit have been dealing with contaminated water for two years so this been an issue for a long time. So the citizen in Flit feel like the government lied to them because they told the citizen that the water would be uncontaminated and it would be safe to drink. The citizen in Flit city is making a lawsuit to the city of Flit because many of people coming up with lead poison. The citizen says its time for a change because when the government found out about the lead and iron problem in the water they just look over it. Until citizen start posting pictures of the water on social media and famous people start coming to the city of Flit and taste and look at the water themselves. For example Hillary and  Bill Clinton and Mr. Simmons took a trip to the city of Flit to taste the water.  The Federal government is working up a case for the government of Flit and the state of Michigan and Schuette and DEQ has to get their lawyer to support there reason on how the water crisis happen .

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