Reefer Madness…or So we Think?

It has been widely speculated ever since the late 1930 that Marijuana has caused numerous mental health issues along with it being classified as a gateway drug.  The smuggling of narcotics in the U.S had increased during this time due to the Great Depression and war. In 1937 Congress passed and enacted the Marijuana Tax Act which criminalized the plant; moving forward into the late 50’s stricter laws and sentencing laws set mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related crimes. As time passed the use of Marijuana by mainstream Caucasian Americans help garner the CDAPCA (Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act) of 1970 which in short categorized Marijuana separately from other narcotics. However in 1986 POTUS Regan signed the ADAA(Anti-Drug Abuse Act) reinstating mandatory fines and upping the federal penalties for possession and distribution still making illegal to posses.


Since then the great state of California enacted Proposition 215  which would legalize medical marijuana use for people with chronic  illnesses and diseases. 80+ years ahead and now more that half of the states have now decriminalized and or passed legislation for medical/recreational use. Regulation by the government and propaganda by the U.S has kept a plant with multiple healing and useful agents from being used because it was though to cause hysteria, hallucinations, manslaughter ect. is actually in turn more beneficial.


Reefer does not cause one to go mad, however if used inappropriately you could suffer from long term memory lost, rapid weight gain/loss and possible lack of concentration if one becomes dependent. In  all no studies have proven Ganja to be fatal nor any of it naturally grown properties. If you do use Marijuana or considering  it for the 1st time don’t believe all the GOVERMENT hype, just consult your local pot head friend and enjoy life.

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