Death Penalty

I have often heard discussions from both sides concerning the death penalty. I always had a hard time making up my mind about which side I wanted to take until I ran into an article on the internet one day. It showed the history of the death penalty from around the world and how it has changed throughout the history of the world. It wasn’t until I saw how much higher the percentage of people dying from this in other parts of the world that I realized the situation could be much worse. I also thought about how many innocent people get sentenced to death. Is it really that effective? Are we seeing any “real” results in other countries where there is a higher percentage of this method used to try to deal with criminals? Is it worth the cost? I think that these things combined should maybe give the US a reason to rethink this method of dealing with criminals.

33 thoughts on “Death Penalty

  1. I think the death penalty has been such a controversial topic for so long because it involves both sides of what is most important to everyone, morals and money. These are good questions to ask when subjected to the arguments because some will say ” Do you really want to care for this many inmates when we can reduce the number of dependents by using this penalty and save money to care for people that aren’t murders?” On the other side we say, ” Is it really ethical to kill people who have killed others? Isn’t that hypocritical to moral law? Won’t that just continue the cycle of violence.” A very tricky topic to discuss for sure.

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