Marriage Equality

As we all know, marriage equality is an issue that is very prevalent in the U.S. today.  Just today, Alabama became the 37th state to allow gay marriage.  I think it’s about time that the majority of states recognize same-sex marriage as a legal union, and I urge the other states that haven’t to follow suit.  Same-sex couples want to get married for the same reasons anyone else would want to, including sharing their love and lives together.  Love is such a rare gift in a time where the divorce rate is hovering right around 50%, that I feel that we should allow and encourage marriage in loving relationships.  There are also many practical benefits to being legally married that same-sex couples are denied, such as the right to make medical decisions, access to health care and pensions, and the right to be treated as an economic unit in terms of filing joint tax returns and insurance.  In regards to raising a family in a same-sex couple, there are no documented negative results of being raised in a same-sex home.  In today’s society same-sex couples are becoming more and more prevalent and are becoming more and more accepted.  A growing majority of today’s society accepts and supports same-sex couples so I don’t see any reason for them not to be granted the right to wed as well.  Not allowing marriage equality is another form of discrimination, which our country has taken a stand against.  If marriage is a right given to some, it should be given to all that wish to have it.

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  1. I agree that everyone should have the right to be married to the one they love. It should not matter what others think as long as they believe in what they want is the right thing to do. No matter where you go today you will almost always see a same sex couple walking around, holding hands, etc. You also made a really great point on how many places that do not allow same sex marriages the siginificant other is not allowed to sign medical forms and so forth even if they have been together for years is not right to me. That person may be the only one who knows what they want when it comes time to make a personal decision when the other is not capable of making one. Discrimination is just one of the major things happening in this world that just need to come to a stop. People need to realize we are a growing country and it is now 2015 when are we going to stop and think bout our actions and how they can cause harm and affect others.

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  7. Marriage equality is the hot-button issue of the moment, with plenty of people on both sides of the debate eager to make their voices heard. While there are many complicated legal and political issues at stake, it is important to remember that this debate is ultimately about the personal lives of real people. For many members of the LGBT community, the right to marry is about more than just having their relationship recognized by the law. It is also about being able to share their life with the person they love in front of their friends and family, and to have that relationship treated with the same respect and dignity as any other local dating Denying marriage equality is tantamount to saying that these relationships are not worthy of public recognition, and that is simply not acceptable. Everyone deserves to be able to love freely, and no one should be denied the right to marry simply because of who they are.

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  45. I couldn’t agree more with the points you’ve made in this blog. Marriage equality is not just a legal matter; it’s about love and human rights. It’s heartwarming to see the progress being made, with Alabama becoming the 37th state to allow gay marriage. Let’s keep pushing for equal rights and celebrating love in all its forms! 🌈❤️ New Jersey Domestic Violence Laws

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