Kellogg’s Strike

In my perspective, I believe that the Kellogg’s strike was very necessary. The Kellogg’s company let go 226 of their union workers months ago. They demanded a pay-cut and that they give up their medical coverage. Most of these people we minority workers. If it was me I would have been right there with them, with my sign and my voice, fighting for my rights. It was good to see that the (NLRB) National Labor Relations Board), went to court to stop the lockout.

9 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Strike

  1. Wonderful to read about the kellogs strike. Kellogg’s is a top cereal and snack food brand, known for its Froot Loops cereal and Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal. In 2017, Kellogg’s announced a new $1.25 billion investment in its own beverage business and now this provides quality work. The company is now looking to expand all of its beverage businesses, which will include selling carbonated and sparkling water, coffee, juice drinks, and sports nutrition drinks.

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