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I know that in the year of 2012, there was beginning to be a high demand for citizens to have health care insurance. For this matter, I never really understood what would happen to the citizens who never did sign up for it. I mean since then I haven’t really heard anything else about the whole health care situation, currently speaking that it is indeed the the year of 2014. There were so many commercials and advirtisements out about the issue, but now it looks like the all the ranting and controversy was temporary. Within a matter of time, all the commotion about health care seemed to disappear. However, there is still a question that pops up in my head whenever I hear anything about health insurance. As I stated before, what would happen to the citizens who never did sign up for it? Listen to this scenario: I am a high school student who walks to school everyday. Then one day on my way to school, I happen to get shot by someone and endure an injury to my leg. Shortly after, I wind up at the nearest hospital for help. Because my injury needs to be taken care of immediately, I go to the emergency room. I am an unemployed minor, so I can not afford to have health insurance on my own. Neither does my mother have insurance for me because I have other siblings, she has low income, and she just simply can not afford it. My mother is there with me and she is pleading for help, screaming it’s an emergency and that I need help right away. Now, back to the conversation at hand. You’ve just read about a scenario that can happen to anyone at anytime. The race, age, and employment or occupation of the person does not matter. When thinking about how this scenario would end, I’m not too sure about what would happen. Because the person is not insured, will hospital administration refuse them of the emergency services that they need? Will they be asked to leave, or does the person have to sit in the waiting room with a bleeding gunshot wound because they have no insurance? The whole point of this topic is to find out what happens to people who get in situations like that? What will happen to the person who doesn’t have insurance, but has a fatal medical situation? To my knowledge, there has not been a specific policy set about health care insurance. I mean there were talks about ObamaCare and other health insurance companies, but no one really knows what the consequences are for not having. I have not seen any signs in any of the hospitals or clinics I’ve been to since 2012 that specify the requirements of being helped medically. Was there an actual policy set about healthcare insurance, or did it all just come about just so the government can encourage people to pay for insurance? What will happen to the ones that can not afford it? Will they get billed expensively for having help to save their lives?

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  1. There are consequences to not having health insurance. Hospitals are private companies and this means they do not have to serve anyone. I have known of people being turned away in this exact situation because they did not have medical care. I know hospitals have to make their money like everyone else, but they do it at the expense of people dying because they can’t afford health insurance, which is one of the most expensive things people have to pay for in life.

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  4. After reading this blog I will say, every people are different, So that’s why their thinking are variable. Some persons are very careful his/her health, some are not, and some are looking into their budget, So, that’s why everyone has own particular reason, they can’t buy or ignore it. But in Today’s life most of the persons move slowly towards the insurance because their’s family, and personally I refer for buying a health insurance policy to anyone else who want to advise from me. Because I am Insuranceadviser and consultant, and also I want everyone to take care of their health.

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