Compounding For Pet’s Health

The majority of us enjoy having dogs, cats or other popular animals at home. Keeping your pet happy and healthy is always important to make sure they have the best care. Our pets are our often a main source of joy and are always who we can count own to relax after a hard day at school or work. Nearly every household in the U.S. has either a cat or dog as  a pet, so it’s no surprise that there are now thousands of new treatment methods and clinics available to ensure their wellbeing is taken care of. At the same time, every pet has its own needs and preferences and will need to be treated with customized care like humans who need treatment.

Instead of treating your pet with a cookie cutter solution like a shot or pill, seek out the professional care of a compounding pharmacy that can change it to fit your pet’s physical needs. Often, a brand’s medication will require too much dosage or will not be prescribed in the exact form that will work with your pet. Instead of forcing a medication that might end up spit out on the floor, nearly every veterinarian will recommend pet owners to seek a local compounding pharmacy to tailor each prescription down to the right dosage level. These centers run by accredited professionals who will work with every pet owner through a personable manner. The owner is referenced through every step of the compounding process and will not need to worry about the medication overlooking certain allergies, taste preferences or forms that their pet needs to abide by. Let’s review the benefits of utilizing compounding pharmacy services so you pet gets back to their health.

Use compounding pharmacies to heal your loved one!

Custom Pet Medication Solutions

Compounding pharmacies have existed for several years at this point and are updating their processes to assist pet owners with more efficiency and effectiveness. The key benefits that are brought by seeking the help from local compounding pharmacies include:

  • You are part of a personal, customized and consistent process. You don’t need to worry about a mystery medication being formed for your pet behind closed doors. Often clients are receiving custom consultations immediately after having recommendation to a pharmacy from their chosen veterinarian. These consultations will be more of a “discovery meeting” where the pharmacist will receive the information on your pet’s health history and needs from your vet. They will likely ask questions about what medication forms your pet needs, what allergies may be present, what flavors they favor or can’t stand, and how long the vet recommends them to be on treatment. From there, the pharmacy will then use the information to form a detailed plan for forming a revised medication. Make sure you are aware of their financial policy, especially if you have pet insurance and may need assistance. It’s okay to ask for certain brands versus unbranded medicine, and vice versa!
  • You are receiving more training on how to administer medications to your pet. Instead of receiving a medication and figuring out the rest at home, you can gain consistent help on administering difficult pills or shots to your pet if that is deemed the best form of medication. Often, you receive a contact to call or chat with online through a text box with questions if anything immediate needing assistance comes up. In the world of pets, anything can happen and unpredictable responses from pets can occur. If you find that the pet medication you receive is not working, you have the flexibility to go back to your provider and request for a different flavor or form for better success for treating their sickness. Any retesting or additional dosage fees are clear to you throughout the process so any stress of hidden costs is prevented.
  • You can rest in peace that your pet likes taking their required medication. Traditional medications can taste terrible or become spit out of the floor if they can’t even eat it correctly. Pets are highly intelligent and may find ways to avoid taking medication if they are fed by hand, in a bowl, or by water. They can find ways to manipulate their owners as well so they can get their way to avoid medication altogether. However, if they have a serious sickness then taking medication is absolutely critical. Using the process of compounding, an owner can mix their pet medication with another easily digestible substance like placing it within a treat or dissolved with water so it’s more enjoyable. Make sure you bring up concerns on flavor or form when having your first consultation with a local compounding pharmacy for best practice!

Healing For Your Loved Ones

Be sure to tell your vet what your concerns are about the total cost, how your pet health insurance applies and what each stage of the compounding process will look like. Every compounding veterinary pharmacy will have their own process so ensure you are spending enough time to do preliminary research and consulting reviews from former clients. People who are just as passionate about helping their pets will be more than happy to refer you to someone who helped their needs!

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