Creating Responsive Web Design

Understanding responsive web page design doesn’t have to be tricky. E-commerce businesses are shifting gears by focusing on inbound leads and attracting customers to their high quality content. More industries are investing less in traditional media forms like radio, print and television advertisements and are moving towards designing high quality websites to build their brand appeal. Any smart business who wants to expand their loyal customer base needs to adapt and grab their market share before it’s too late. Those who operate in a niche market must go an extra length to engage its target customer and create an organic relationship so they are inclined to keep coming back. Any businesses who feel that adapting to responsive web design is too expensive, time consuming, or “silly” will likely fall behind in the rate race as we move towards the second half of the year.

If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, it’s crucial to build a consistently high quality presence. Customers now expect to see professional content that provides well thought out solutions for their needs. Customers are smart, and will tune out any landing pages or sites that seem too outdated or finicky to pay attention to. Maintaining high quality visual and including engaging text that speaks to the audience helps to drive more leads to your page. Adding SEO techniques like inserting popular keywords of your customer problems is a wise idea so your page gains more visitors than before. Several additional factors of a great website design plays into thoughts and emotions that customers experience while learning about your brand as well. Let’s review the pillars of high quality web design and how you can start implementing it for your business!

Website Marketing For Products or Services

Your reputation can make or break your business. Having a trustworthy brand means that visitors must feel like they can engage and have a two way conversation established before investing time and money into your product. Provide your page’s visitors are the control to comment, share, and view the content you planned out in a digestible manner. Don’t make the wording too complicated or technical if you are targeting customers who may not know much about your product or service. The first piece advice to allow your web design to allow this includes inserting reviews and forums for your products or services. Reviews provide additional marketing for the reliability and efficiency of what you can provide to their needs. Make reviews easy to access as customers will want to see them as soon as possible while conducting their own research. If you provide a wide variety of products, insert a “related products” feature so additional clicks are encouraged on your ecommerce site.

Make An Impression

Wise website marketing experts understand that the first impression is everything for a successful page. Remember to plan out your website color scheme so that can be simple and consistent across all pages. Stick to two to three colors or filters at most, as any more shades can easily make your visitor feel confused or make your brand appear tacky. Use reasonable contrast to keep your main text, headlines, and call to action buttons noticeable but still readable for your visitors as well. Above all, make sure that your formatting is great for the eye on both desktop and mobile platforms. A responsive business website design should also include high quality photography of your products or feature professionally shot videos of your services. Include interviews with employees or reviews from past clients if you can to boost your company morale. Keynotes and origin stories are also favorites among new customers as they can gain a sense of your brand’s mission or unique voice. If you manage a personal brand, incorporate a website design that uses your face so they feel more related to your story. We all remember faces more easily than names, so take advantage of adding a personal touch so you can stand out!

Keep Website Marketing Clean

Make sure that you website design allows your visitors to navigate it easily. Using inbound SEO techniques like quick to load links that aren’t broken, responsive pages and clean filters are just the start. Many of us remember the old school designs of ecommerce sites of the nineties that took ages to load, look poorly designed and featured word art that likely doesn’t even exist anymore. Stray away from the bad examples of the past few decades and focus on simple, clean and cohesive designs. Working on designer sites like Weebly, WordPress, or even Wix are great for beginners as they provide recommendations for content layout. You can elect a default theme depending on your type of business that still looks highly professional to the customer’s eye. Plus, you can add SEO features like including certain keywords and links to related articles that help boost the ranking of your website in search engine results. This helps your customers have a better chance to find your content when they search for solutions that include the keywords you’ve placed within your site!

Prevent Broken Links

Let’s say your content is established and you’re nearly finished designing your website, only to find out that the links you’ve included to resources are all broken! You don’t want a new customer to realize that half of the pages and links on your website are slow to load or simply don’t work. Use a free online broken link extractor tool to ensure that your links work perfectly. Any link can be tested to ensure that it works on any device or web search platform so you can prevent search algorithms deranking your website due to faulty links.

Web Design For Success 

Now that you understand the principles of implementing high quality web design and on and off page SEO tactics, make sure you put them to good use by reflecting on the structure of your own website. Become detail oriented and focus on what principles you’re breaking that is preventing your business from reaching its full potential through search engine results!

Search engine optimization is the key to success.

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