Surround Sound Systems

Are you obsessed with all the blockbusters? Having a properly planned and well-built home theater will give you endless hours of entertainment with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. It also saves you hundreds of dollars otherwise spent on sky high prices at the movie theaters in town. Think about it, how many times can you anticipate spending more than one hundred dollars at the movies with all your kids attending? Even if you just enjoy watching all the latest movies, having a theater is a great investment and improves the quality of your home’s value. Moreover, installing quality audio system is key to getting the best media experience possible. These days, wireless surround sound systems are all the rage as they don’t require being plugged into an outlet and can be moved around anywhere as long as it’s connected to Bluetooth. Having your home theater integrated with great speakers for a sound system enhances your engagement with whatever movie you’re watching.

No matter what, there’s so many variables to also consider, both technical and financial when you’re building a home theater. For example, it’s estimated that investing in a quality home theater can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 alone. Let’s break down some key things to remember as you setup your own home theater system.


  1. Have a great projector. Big-screen TVs can take up a lot of space, as you can’t take them outside, around your home, and they don’t deliver the full cinema experience you’re looking for. Having a LED project is great as it lasts over twice as long as a standard projector and will bring you that high quality audio experience without breaking the bank. You can now even spend less than $1,500 on a great LED projector that will give you at least one hundred diagonal inches or more of eye-popping visuals. On the other hand, buying a modern 88-inch OLED TV will set you back a great amount of cash. And while TVs can offer benefits and special features that projectors can’t, like Internet apps, the decreased flexibility can cost you in the long run.
  2. Surround yourself with sound. Quality audio systems are the key to watching a great movie with ease. Although there is a large variety of portable and compact wireless powered Bluetooth and Wifi speakers designed for personal music listening, more home theater designers than ever are turning to using wireless surround sound speakers designed specifically for watching movies. Running long and ugly speaker wires that are required to connect speakers for a surround sound can easily make your theater less comfy than it’s supposed to be. Today, people are more attracted to home theater system options that promote wireless speakers as a way to solve that problem. Make sure to do your homework about what inputs are required for each brand’s model, as it doesn’t always run consistent across the market.
  3. Remote control your functions, but not with the hold handheld device you remember from home as a kid. Nothing can ruin your home theater or quality audio system quicker than a cumbersome remote control. Many of today’s theater components, even the high-end ones, come with extremely basic controllers that don’t provide an integrated user experience. That’s why you want to invest in a handy universal remote or an advanced control system to control all your devices. Today, a majority of control platforms aren’t limited to the gear in your home theater either, as DIY systems like Logitech’s Harmony platform allow you to manage even applications throughout the rest of your house. Ranging from multi-room music to lighting around the house, you’d be surprised what your options are with a universal control system.
  4. Create your theater vibe. Having extremely comfy recliners, decently soundproof walls, easily adjustable lighting and even a snack or concession stand are among the most important features that give your room a true theater feel. Hopefully, any type of outside sound shouldn’t be able to enter the theater room easily or escape from inside. This means that you should look into building a home theater that has R30 insulation for the walls, floor and ceiling which serves as a barrier to sound waves. Home theater lighting also often includes recessed lighting in the ceiling or low-profile fixtures along the side walls that can be controlled by a remote. If you’d like to feature stadium style seating instead, you’ll also need floor lighting so your family can easily walk around the space when the lights are dim. As for furniture, you can generally choose from a variety of armchair seating, sofas, and other items that fit every budget.

Take a seat

When it’s planned carefully, home theaters can really pay off.  A custom entertainment space can exceptionally add to your home’s resale value as well as its positive experience. You’ll have a prime gathering space for family members and guests alike for years to come, so don’t be hesitant to take your time to implement the right technology, lighting, furniture, and control systems.

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