Discover an Accurate and Trustworthy Search Experience with Google Tools 

Internet information is ubiquitous. It can be overwhelming even to seasoned information professionals. We constantly question if the information provided is any good. Gale eBooks on GVRL can be your go-to research resource.

To flourish in today’s knowledge economy, people need “the capacity and disposition to learn in small, quick doses rather than wade through mounds of links and piles of data.”¹ Because GVRL is built with research in mind, it’s chock-full of features to enrich eBook searching and reading experiences. All eBook content is expertly indexed at the title, chapter, and article level, so users can zoom directly to the information they need.

The mobile responsive GVRL resource supports differentiated learning and diverse communities with:

  • Search—you can search through all the content in UofM’s GVRL nonfiction collection at once and get articles related to your keywords from multiple sources
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology
  • Cover-to-cover PDF format, delivering a colorful, visual experience
  • Interface and article-level language translation—on screen and read aloud—delivers content in more than a dozen languages.
  • Tools to highlight, annotate, cite, print, share, email, hear the text, and more.

Last, and certainly not least, GVRL is integrated with G Suite for Education tools, so you can:

  • Save individual articles to their Google Drive. No more emailing files to themselves or saving them to a local or portable drive. The content remains accessible from whatever device you’re using now or in the future.
  • After your first login through the UofM Libraries website, you can authenticate with Google and seamlessly log in using their existing Google credentials. (No need to create yet another user name and password.)
  • Download the “Gale eBooks” app in the Chrome store for even easier access.

Not a Google user? That’s okay, GVRL also integrates with Microsoft Office 365 tools, like OneNote and OneDrive.

There is good curated information sitting in GVRL waiting to be found, search our GVRL collection today!

¹Rising to the Challenge: Re-envisioning Public Libraries, The Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program, October 2014,

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