Find out your grades on eCourseware. Grades will be updated at least once a week. Here you can track your progress as the semester goes along. All other content should be accessed on unless otherwise announced.

A few very important notes about your grades on eCourseware.

  • Different categories are weighted differently, so consider your current grade just a rough estimate, NOT a guarantee of what your overall grade will be. For example, the final exam is worth 15% of your grade and isn’t until the end of the semester.
  • Zeroes can have a huge impact on your final grade. If you take Expressions écrites as an example: even if you get an A on three of your compositions but get a zero on the other, your Expression écrite grade would only be a C. Expressions écrites are worth 10% of your overall grade, so this can bring your overall grade down significantly.
  • You get a participation grade every week. If you participate actively in class, speak French, and aren’t late or disruptive, you should get a good participation grade. Since you can check it every week, you can get an idea of how your participation is coming along.
  • I’m here to help. If you’re not doing as well in a certain category or have questions about your grade, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.


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