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One of the many things that I enjoy about “my south” involves  finding entertainment for my family of six without having to spend money!  I am in love with Tom Lee park and I think it’s an awesome place for families to have  family moments, relax, spend quality time, and not to mention…enjoying the great view! The park is a city park and its located immediate west of downtown Memphis, Tennessee, overlooking the Mississippi River, the shores of Arkansas on the opposite side, and the beautiful condominiums. I found out that this park was named after an African American by the name of Tom Lee who saved the lives of 32 passengers of a sinking steamboat in 1925.  In my opinion, this park is where it’s at!! The park holds several events like the annual Memphis in May celebration, which is a month long event that is split into different events. The Beale Street Music Festival which is an event that showcases a mix of local and national music acts. World Championship Barbeque Contest, and the Sunset Symphony that consists of a night of classical music.  People come from all over to enjoy the different activities that are given at this park every year.  This is my idea of an “astonishing south”!

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