Terrence Tucker Serves as Panelist at Forum

Drs. Andre E. Johnson and Terrence Tucker

On July 24, 2019, CSJH member Dr. Terrance Tucker served as a panelist for the Theology and Pop Culture Forum at Gifts of Life Ministries. Sponsored by the G’Life Social Justice and Public Advocacy Institute at the church and the Center for Social Justice and Healing (CSJH), Dr. Tucker offered comments and reflections after the viewing part 3 of the film When They See Us. Dr. Tucker took away two points from the film. First, he reflected on how hard it was for the young men to reenter society. He wanted us to focus on how hard it is as a felon in this country. Dr. Tucker second point was how hard it was not only on the ones coming out of prison but the families that were awaiting them as well. He reminded us all of how hard and harsh prison really is. He reflections and comments stirred much discussion around imprisonment and mental health as well.

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