Training on eCourseware (D2L) & Posting a Syllabus

ITS Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) would like to invite you to an eCourseware training session. This session is especially designed to cover two topics:

  • How to log in to eCourseware (also known as D2L)
  • How to post a syllabus to your course

We are providing two opportunities for this training:

1)  Date/Time: Thursday, Aug. 6, 4:00 PM

Meeting ID: 976 2096 9596
Passcode: 048437

2)  Date/Time: Friday, Aug. 7, 10:00 AM

Meeting ID: 915 1904 3017
Passcode: 580641

Note: Please have your syllabus accessible and ready to upload.

If you’d like to try these tasks on your own, here are a few tutorials:

  1. How to log into eCourseware: Link to video
  2. How to post a syllabus to your course: Link to video
  3. Want the instructions in writing? View them on our website

For more info on eCourseware training, visit the Keep Teaching website.

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