Zoom Cloud Storage

To All University of Memphis Zoom Users,

In order to accommodate the needs of our faculty and staff who use Zoom, as well as the limited amount of space that is available in Zoom for recorded meetings saved to the cloud, we will be changing the way we manage users’ cloud recordings. Beginning May 11, 2020, a feature will be turned on for all cloud recordings that will automatically delete any newly recorded videos that are older than 31 days. This will give time for our Zoom users to download the recordings, if they wish, and transfer them to another service to host the videos, such as OneDrive, Ensemble Video or Mediasite.

The cloud recording feature has been well used by our Zoom users and, as such, we have considered what to do with those older recordings as well. We have a timetable by which we will be deleting older recordings. Starting on May 15, 2020, we will remove videos from March 2020, all the while communicating with our users to make sure that they know the videos need to be downloaded, if they wish to be kept. A similar occurrence will take place on May 29, 2020 for all videos recorded in April 2020. Lastly, any videos recorded in May 2020 prior to the feature being turned on that will auto-delete cloud videos after 31 days will be removed on June 12, 2020.

We will be communicating with our Zoom users often during this change, and, as we progress beyond the dates discussed here, we will send out regular reminders about the deletion.


Robert Jackson, Ed.D.
Chief Information Officer

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