In the Course Introduction we have covered a number of topics such as:

  • The duration of the commitment you will be making to the workplace
  • Differences between a job and a career
  • An overview of how we learn and gain information
  • How to think strategically and systematically about your choices and goals

Assignment:  Please write a one to two page reflective paper that summarizes what you have learned in this module.

A reflective paper is not a summary of the course description.  The main idea of a reflective paper is to share how your learning changed your thinking, changed your practices, and in this case is changing the way you are thinking about your future.

Some important points to remember in writing a reflective paper are:

  • Begin by making a list of the ideas that you remember the best
  • Why do these ideas stand out to you?
  • It is perfectly acceptable to use “I” when writing
  • Structure your paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion
  • You are free to disagree about any of the readings, assignments or discussions
  • Add any questions that you still have and what you will try to learn more about


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